Food can heal us, cause our dis-ease or aggravate our condition. As we know too well today much of our food is no longer able to offer us the vitamins and minerals, enzymes etc that it used to because of nutrient deficient soil, contaminated soil from toxins of all kinds, such as heavy metals and chemical pesticides and, sadly in our more recent history in the United States, genetically modified (GMO) foods. Eating consciously in a healthy manner can be one of our most important resources in becoming and staying healthy. We offer many options to assist in helping you to individualize your lifestyle eating changes. Each person’s needs are looked at as we provide practical guidance. We look at what are the most important factors for you and how we can help you in having success to incorporate them into your life. We also offer high quality supplements when food alone is not sufficient to assist your healing process. We stand by all our supplements for quality assurance. Like your diet and everything about your health needs, supplements when needed are individualized.

Botanical/Herbal Medicine

We offer mainly herbs from the United States and Europe but also some Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. We offer them in tincture, capsules/tablets, powders, oral sprays and ointments. We work with plant stem cell products and adult stem cell activator products as well. We work with some of the finest companies in the country and a few outside the United States. We stand behind everything we sell. As part of our individualized care, we will review with you any conventional medication you are on with regard to herbal and over the counter or prescription interactions. We will also assist in helping you assess the quality of the products you are already on.

Homeopathic Medicine

The word Homeopathy in Greek means “like suffering.” Although many find that Homeopathy is one of the more difficult modalities to understand, very simply put, a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure or stop those same symptoms in an ill person, when the same substance is given in a homeopathic preparation. Like herbal medicine, Homeopathy is one of the oldest ways for healing. There is no substance that is unsafe to be used in a Homeopathic preparation. As with herbal medicine, it can be used for both acute or chronic conditions. Unlike herbal medicine, when sometimes there are contraindications with prescription drugs, there is never a contraindication for Homeopathics with prescription drugs or a condition. Also, the same dosing amounts can be used for infants through the elderly and there are no special precautions with them in any stage of pregnancy.

Sound Healing

There are many forms of sound healing available. Like previous modalities mentioned, it is one of the oldest forms of healing known to man. In our practice setting, we incorporate the Acutonics sound healing which utilizes the beautiful sounds from the planets and asteroids, primarily, although other instruments such as drums, rattles, Tibetan and crystal bowls are also used. Most treatments are done using sound directly on the Chinese meridians and chakras . Like the other modalites, sound healing assists the entire mind, body and spirit heal. All ages can benefit from this beautiful form of healing.