The following are the modalities practiced by Dr. Christine Kuhlman.


Food can heal us, cause our dis-ease or aggravate our condition. As we know too well today much of our food is no longer able to offer us the vitamins and minerals, enzymes etc that it used to because of nutrient deficient soil, contaminated soil from toxins of all kinds, such as heavy metals and chemical pesticides and, sadly in our more recent history in the United States, genetically modified (GMO) foods. Eating consciously in a healthy manner can be one of our most important resources in becoming and staying healthy. We offer many options to assist in helping you to individualize your lifestyle eating changes. Each person’s needs are looked at as we provide practical guidance. We look at what are the most important factors for you and how we can help you in having success to incorporate them into your life. We also offer high quality supplements when food alone is not sufficient to assist your healing process. We stand by all our supplements for quality assurance. Like your diet and everything about your health needs, supplements when needed are individualized.

Botanical/Herbal Medicine

We offer mainly herbs from the United States and Europe but also some Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. We offer them in tincture, capsules/tablets, powders, oral sprays and ointments. We work with plant stem cell products and adult stem cell activator products as well. We work with some of the finest companies in the country and a few outside the United States. We stand behind everything we sell. As part of our individualized care, we will review with you any conventional medication you are on with regard to herbal and over the counter or prescription interactions. We will also assist in helping you assess the quality of the products you are already on.

Homeopathic Medicine

The word Homeopathy in Greek means “like suffering.” Although many find that Homeopathy is one of the more difficult modalities to understand, very simply put, a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can cure or stop those same symptoms in an ill person, when the same substance is given in a homeopathic preparation. Like herbal medicine, Homeopathy is one of the oldest ways for healing. There is no substance that is unsafe to be used in a Homeopathic preparation. As with herbal medicine, it can be used for both acute or chronic conditions. Unlike herbal medicine, when sometimes there are contraindications with prescription drugs, there is never a contraindication for Homeopathics with prescription drugs or a condition. Also, the same dosing amounts can be used for infants through the elderly and there are no special precautions with them in any stage of pregnancy.

Sound Healing

There are many forms of sound healing being used throughout the world now and is one of the oldest forms of healing known. One of the reasons Sound is so important is that it is the first sense we are aware of in utero and unless we’ve lost our hearing, the last sense to go as we are dying.

In my practice setting, I incorporate the Accutonics Sound Healing System, which captures and utilizes the beautiful sounds of the planets, asteroids and even the Pleiades. When using the key note from the planets, asteroids, etc. you are not only aware of the sound and vibration but you also receive the amazing healing potential of that planet’s energy and
healing properties. The sounds are transmitted through high, medium and low frequencies. I tend to use mostly high and low frequencies. I also have chimes and two amazing large gongs from this system. Any other instruments can be utilized as well, but are not a specific part of Accutonics per se. I also use several different drums, many rattles, other chimes and bells, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal chakra bowls. Most of the healing points used especially with the tuning forks are any of the Chinese Meridian Points and also Chakra points. Since 2013 I have been using mainly Dr. Mikio Sanke’s Sacred Geometric Points on the front and back. Acupuncture points are still the basis but are used in Sacred Geometric Patterns. These patterns intensify mind, body and spiritual healing like any other acupuncture
points can do but also are meant to help open the heart Chakra and all the higher Chakras to help us continue on our journey to working with our Higher Selves and go into the Fifth Dimension. The healing is done with the individual fully clothed except for shoes, belts, watches and large jewelry. An average treatment will be a minimum of 30 minutes but can last 45 to 60 minutes.

Crystal Healing

I use Crystals of many types and in many ways. I use a crushed Amethyst heated (or not) Biomat on my treatment table. The Amethyst crushed stone heals in many ways but has even been approved by the FDA for its known ability to help heal the immune system.

I have many crystals around the clinic, in the waiting room as well as in the practitioner room to help clear energies and help create a safe and relaxed healing energy.

I use a pattern of different crystals beneath the treatment table to help induce extra energy up through the table during treatments.

Since 2017 I have been privileged to use Crystals of the New Consciousness. These are all different crystals and stones from around the world that have been energized to a higher consciousness to help us move quickly and easily into the Fifth Dimension. The Azez Beings from another dimension have channeled that this is their gift to us humans to help us move forward into this new dimension quickly enough to help us save our precious Planet Earth Mother. They can be used individually or many at a time. I suggest that patients choose one or more of them to use on or near their body during a sound treatment as these crystals will greatly intensify the treatment. Any other crystals can be used and if a patient wishes to bring their own crystals, that is also good.

Energetic and Shamanic Healing

Since the end of 2017 I have started to introduce more of the Shamanic ways of healing. I have always used some techniques mixed into the modalities all along but literally found myself being pushed by the Universe to  learn and add in more and more of these ancient powerful ways to help individuals heal mind, body and spirit. Many of these techniques can be done at the time of an office visit and also day-long workshops will be available from time to time to teach these ways of healing so individuals may learn to heal themselves, their families, friends, animals, the plant and minerals and the land locally or anywhere on earth that needs help. It is past time for all of us TO TAKE ON OUR POWER TO HEAL OURSELVES.

THESE NEXT THREE METHODS COME FROM  ANCIENT MEXICAN SHAMANIC WISDOM AND WERE TAUGHT TO ME BY SERGIO MANGANA. Note many of the Mexican Shamanic traditions share much in common with traditions throughout MesoAmerica.

Healing with the Pleiades

We are allowed at this time to use 5 out the 7 major Pleiadian Stars at this time. The Mexican tradition teaches that we will be able to use the 6th Star for healing in 2021 when they believe the Fifth Dimension will be starting and sometime between 2021 and 2025 the 7th  Star. You receive healing energy through a circuit of energy created between the “healer’s” left hand which connects with the Pleiades in general and to our Sun, down through a mountain of the “healer’s choice and to the Mother Earth and her underworlds and out through the “healer’s” left foot. After a strong connection of energy is created, the “healer’s” right hand is placed on the individual’s body on a point connected to the specific Pleiade that is needed for a treatment. One or all of Pleiades may be needed. The time needed to address the main concern at that treatment may be long or short. The individual is working as well with the “healer” to affect a change. The beauty and potential power is beyond description. You can heal yourself, others, animals, plants, minerals, the  land, etc.

Sleep Treatment

This technique can be taught fairly quickly and you will receive a written handout. This involves learning to turn off the seven Chakras which are located in the same areas we know from the Ancient Chakra System but have different names and meanings in this ancient Mexican Tradition. You can also learn as part of this technique to turn off the main Pleiadean points on the back. Basically, this technique quiets the mind and shuts down the ability for ancestral or karmic issues to drive our dreams, or emotions, anxieties etc. It leaves us open to receive higher information from the Universe and helps us to learn lucid dreaming. In the morning you can consciously turn back on the Chakras or they will automatically come back on. You are encouraged to keep a dream notebook available to write down your dreams. It can start working the first night you try it.

The Eight Bands of Healing

These are concentric energy bands around the body that can be used for mind, body spirit healing. They are very different from the Pleiadean Healing but achieve similar results. It is an intuitive decision to use one or the other treatment. Again this can be done during an office visit as part of your treatment and also can be taught to you during a workshop to help you heal yourself, family, friends, animals, plants, the land etc.